About Vernbro

About Vernbro

Vernbro Global Investment Company is a leader company in multiple activities. The company was established with the aim of providing engineering consultancy according to scientific bases to reach the highest level of design, planning and execution of engineering projects.


In few years, the company has become one of the leading developers in real estate development. The company's achievements were maximized as one of four companies certified by the US government as the developer of economic housing projects.


In 2009, the company expanded its investments into a variety of scientific fields including information technology and private business applications in the medical field. Starting in 2015, VernBro Global Investments began to expand outside the United States, investing heavily in ambitious urban development projects in Egypt. The company's experience provides leadership and excellence in providing superior services to such projects as Downtown Delta.

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Address: Logestic zone - Downtown Delta - Tanta - Gharbia ,Egypt
TEL: 15173