Message from Chairman

Message from Chairman

We live in a changing world governed by law of speed, development and dazzling and there is an intense competition between the communities which one will maintain its Leading position. We can say that every day there is something new, but if we like accuracy we will find that every hour there is new. The strength of societies is measured by the strength of their youth, and Egypt is one of the countries that God has given this advantage as the percentage of youth exceeds 60% of the population.


Sport is no longer the same as in the past in its traditional sense, but has become science, culture, art, management, professionalism and laws governed by many vocabularies. The birth of sports heroes is no longer a coincidence, but a science taught in sports academies in the world in order to win more success and a lot of medals and titles and hence the idea of the establishment and from here came the idea of establishing a sports club called «Matrix» that raise the slogan of the exercise of sports is a right for all and preserving authentic Egyptian identity and culture.


The club «Matrix» is not a club in the traditional sense known limited to social activity and the practice of some traditional games, but a new gateway to life in sports, culture, arts and literature .. We raise the slogan to keep abreast of what is new in management and service development in managing all who have a talent or artistic sense. And help them reach status they deserve, we believe that the chance can achieve some success but the good management achieves all success needed.


Our goal, that we don’t give up on that (Matrix) club will be the right place and favorite for everyone who is waiting for a real opportunity ..We promise everyone that our motto will always be a club with international standards on The Egyptian land and that our ambition has no limit. Join the Matrix family and dream with us.

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