Sports Academy

Sports Academy



The academy is designed to discover football talent in the region of the delta and move it to a professional level worldwide. The academy provides the best level of qualification for the players on the right path to start their journey towards the professional as a professional football player and the goal of the academy is to progress to the best levels and get championships. The academy is teaching the foundations of football in accordance with modern systems around the world. The academy aspires to achieve the greatest results in a short time


The aim of the academy is to develop basketball in the delta areas and aim to provide training programs for the participants and teach them the skills of basketball and improve the fitness and basic level of players until we get to the best levels and get championships.



The Academy is keen to provide a suitable environment for all age groups who can develop their skills in volleyball and improve their levels of sport to obtain the largest number of championships and titles.


The club will open an academy of squash until the talents of the participants are discovered, trained and prepared to the fullest to have a different mark in the world of squash. The academy aims to prepare a new generation of champions.

Tennis Ball


The Academy is keen to discover talented players and train them in the latest ways to develop their skills and provide an environment conducive to parents to involve their children in academia.

Table Tennis

The opening of an academy to teach table tennis, focusing on activating the physical level of the players and qualifying them on the right path to win competitions and international competitions for different age groups and achieve multiple achievements.



The academy is actively interested in swimming because swimming is considered a sport that can be practiced constantly. The aim of the academy is to stimulate the players to develop their physical and mental energy in a stimulating and supportive environment.


The Gymnastics Academy aims at providing an academic and entertaining level for the participants and improving their physical fitness. The academy is working on developing the skills of the players in addition to teaching balance, strength and coordination of sports movements.



The club is interested in establishing an academy to teach ballet so that ballet sports practitioners help to improve their social skills and increase the fitness of the body and work to create a new generation of young people practicing the art of ballet on the foundations of academia.

Martial Arts

The club opens an academy of martial arts such as karate, kung fu, judo, boxing, aikido and tikondo. Its aim is to create a new generation of heroes in martial arts and to increase the self-confidence of the players and give them the ability to defend and strengthen themselves. Physical and psychological energy

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